Workforce Development

Workforce Development

RTI’s Workforce Development and Continuing Education team facilitates effective partnerships for training, technology transfer and funding opportunities to help government and private industry remain competitive.

Addressing transportation workforce issues is critical to an efficient and effective system of moving people and goods. At RTI, our team believes that workforce development means developing what is needed including training for entry level workers, upgrade training for tenured workers or providing expertise to other institutions responsible for for training.


Our team understands the critical role the transportation workforce plays in fostering economic development. To effectively address the most pressing transportation workforce issues, we provide the following services:

  • Skills gap analysis
  •  Demographic studies
  • Training
  •  Curriculum development
  •  Needs assessment
  • Program evaluation
  • Trainer development

Project Highlights

Mountwest Community and Technical College (MCTC) Associate Degree in Transportation
RTI, in cooperation with MCTC, developed the six required core courses for the degree.

West Virginia Transit Training Partnership
RTI chairs and administers the budget of a consortium of transit properties, labor, state government and education transportation directors with the purpose of identifying and developing training programs for the transit system.

Future of Transit in West Virginia
This study examines the status of transit in West Virginia from an economic development prospective and makes recommendations on expansion of routes and services based on findings from client, private industry and providers.

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Workforce Development

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