eCDL - Electronic Commercial Drivers' License

The WV eCDL (electronic Commercial Drivers’ License) project has converted a traditional, paper-based Commercial Drivers’ License testing procedure into a fully-automated, computer-based, paperless system. The eCDL project was undertaken with funding provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

This software was born of a need to address:
   • fraud and safety,
   • an incomplete or nonexistent license testing process,
   • the authentic identification of applicants and
   • the monitoring process associated with the issuance of CDL.

eCDL utilizes freeware/shareware computer applications to allow for free dissemination of the software as developed to other states. Many of those states, as well as Canada and Mexico, have expressed interest in obtaining eCDL as it becomes available.

Using Toughbook laptops with GPS capabilities, RTI developed a comprehensive integrated system that complies with federally-mandated CDL testing standards while increasing fraud detection capabilities for WVDMV.

eCDL not only utilizes the GPS system during the road test, but additionally records GPS data during the vehicle inspection and basic skills portion, to ensure the test is completed in regulated areas. Examiners conduct CDL tests in the field throughout the State on the Toughbook, and upload results wirelessly. Information is then accessed, via a customized website by the WVDMV Administration, from anywhere in the state. All tests are subjected to a rigorous statistical analysis of known parameters; any outliers are reported to the WVDMV Administration via email for closer inspection for possible fraud activity.

Further improvements include a notation screen, route analyzer, and customizable reports. Fraud prevention capabilities include:
   • Examiner identification elements
   • Time/date location stamp
   • Test timer with email notification
   • Randomized tests
   • Test encryption