The increased focus on transportation research is critical. Infrastructure throughout the United States is decades old, in advanced decay and inefficient.

Using an integrated approach to investment in transportation infrastructure and economic development initiatives attracts new business, creates high-paying jobs and improves the overall strength and stability of the nation. Private industry, public agencies, educational institutions and research facilities must partner together to maximize resources, information exchange and emerging technologies.

The advanced research program at RTI emphasizes innovative solutions and applications to promote safe and efficient rural transportation systems and infrastructure designed for the Appalachian Region but with global application.

Categories of RTI’s collaborative multidisciplinary research on multimodal transportation issues include:

  • Socio-Economical / Political
  • Geotechnical / Environmental
  • Civil and Material Science Engineering
  • Technology / Product Development

The RTI research team includes engineers, skilled researchers and transportation professionals who represent a broad range of knowledge and expertise within the industry including intelligent transportation systems, infrastructure, economies, policy development, and geospatial science.