Transportation Economics

Transportation Economics

The Transportation Economics team at RTI provides public and private industry with information to determine the safest, most cost-effective means to move people and goods.

RTI’s team of researchers provides guidance for the best policy options in transportation funding as they relate to future transportation challenges. Federal, state and local governments utilize the knowledge of our experienced team to make planning decisions for sustainable economic growth and development.



Our team understands the critical role transportation plays in developing economic models. Examples of our services include:

  • Analyzing and generating data
  • Observing trends
  • Monitoring regulatory changes that impact the costs and benefits of all transport systems
  • Predicting the needs, price and effects of competition

Project Highlights

Potential Economic Benefits of Public - Private Partnership on Reclaimed Mine Sites in the Construction of the I-73/74 National Highway System (NHS) Corridor
This study demonstrates the economic benefits derived from a public-private partnership for construction of portions of the King Coal Highway on land that is being or will be surface mined and adjacent land which lies in the designated route of the I-73/74 NHS Corridor.

Barge Costing Model Phase I Update
This project updates program code for the Barge Costing Model and provides a user’s guide to the updated model software.

Next Generation Inland Navigation Vessel
The Next-Generation Inland Navigation Vessel is a new class of energy efficient, environmentally advanced dual haul cargo vessel designs. RTI’s analysis is helping to bring the 21st century supply chain and additional containerized traffic efficiencies to the inland navigation system.