The Railway team at RTI focuses on improving the safety and efficiency of rail transportation in the Appalachian Region by technology testing, research and development.

Our experienced team of railway experts enhances the safety and efficiency of rail transportation through researching and testing various geophysical and emerging measurement technologies; developing and demonstrating innovative measurement techniques and transferring knowledge gained in these endeavors to various stakeholder.


Our team provides an array of railway-related research and development services including:

  • Technology testing
  • Asset mapping and inspections
  • Railway inspection
  • Train, car and mobile worker tracking
  • Intelligent grade crossings

Project Highlights

Automatic Classification Yard Profiling

This project utilizes use of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying to profile track grades without disruption to yard operations.

Integrated Track Infrastructure Assessment Tool
This project demonstrates that scientific instruments combined with high-accuracy Global Positioning Systems and innovative software programming can be integrated to equip railroad inspectors with tools to proactively monitor rail operations and safety.

Railcar Tracking
The Railcar Tracking project researches the use of existing dispatch networks; employing narrow band digital AAR VHF radio to communicate rail car positions. Railcars are tracked in real time and displayed through a secure website.