Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

RTI’s Intelligent Transportation Systems team conducts research to improve the level of safety and efficiency of existing transportation systems through the use of innovative performance monitoring systems and data analysis.

The national surface transportation system continues to experience extreme levels of delay (particularly in urban areas) and poor levels of safety (particularly in rural areas). Our team helps address these challenges by identifying strategies and technologies that will improve system capacity, safety and effectiveness, thereby reducing congestion and operating costs.




Our team of skilled Intelligent Transportation System professionals focuses on applications that are unique to rural and small urban areas but are applicable within in a wider context. These capabilities include:

  • Traffic signal system management
  • Traffic signal optimization and adaptive control
  • Incident detection and congestion management
  • Work zone safety management
  • Commercial vehicle monitoring and enforcement
  • Transportation performance analysis


Project Highlights

Morgantown Traffic System Improvement
This multi-phase project aims to improve the flow of traffic in two major congested highway segments in Morgantown, WV through the use of active traffic signal management and adaptive control strategies.

Intelligent Transportation System in WV
In completing this project, the West Virginia Department of Transportation will have the ability to showcase the financial and safety value of investing in ITS by quantifying improved traffic safety and reduced congestion delays, fuel consumption and air pollution.

Traffic Signal Management
In conjunction with the West Virginia Department of Transportation, RTI deployed a satellite traffic management center (TMC) primarily used for research, training and evaluation of traffic operations and conditions.  The satellite TMC is used to manage and control traffic signal systems in Huntington, Morgantown and Teays Valley.

Evaluation of the Percent of Overloaded Vehicles Receiving Proper Permits
In West Virginia, indications are that many overloaded vehicles traveling the highways are not obtaining the proper permits. This project summarizes the number and types of overweight permits that are issued as compared to the number of overweight trucks that are measured with the existing weigh-in-motions sensors.