Information Systems

Information Systems

Our team of Information Systems specialists continually develops and enhances information structures with new technology and methods that fully support and provide expertise in information systems.

Our team is guided by a simple principle that the success of any business enterprise, or the outcomes of a research initiative, is dependent upon the relationship between people, technology, information and performance. This is especially critical in building safe, efficient and intelligent transportation systems.




Through working closely with private industry professionals across all transportation modes, public agencies, academic researchers and scientific investigators, and higher education institutions, our team has developed automated solutions using programmable technologies including:

  • Back-up data centers
  • Disaster recovery and high availability
  • Data warehousing
  • Application and system hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Application development
  • Project management
  • Real-time data monitoring

PDF of the Information Systems' Services Sheet 

Project Highlights

Electronic Commercial Driver’s License (eCDL)

As a partnership between RTI and the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles, this project converts the traditional commercial driver’s license testing practice from a paper-based system into a fully-automated computer-based platform.

eCDL and Commercial Skills Test Information Management System (CSTIMS) Integration
eCDL and CSTIMS projects work jointly to ensure the maintenance of a fully integrated anti-fraud solution for CDL processes. The project links the eCDL system and CSTIMS system together resulting in a full cradle-to -grave system for tracking CDL licensing.