Updates to Traffic Signals Paying Off

9/23/2012 / Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON -- From a small, second-floor office overlooking 3rd Avenue across from Pullman Square, Andrew Nichols and his staff manage and control traffic signals at 58 intersections in Huntington.

All of the intersections communicate via wireless radios to a central management system at the Rahall Transportation Institute, where Nichols is program director of Intelligent Transportation Systems. The primary objective, he says, is to accomplish something Huntington motorists haven't experienced in years: Synchronize traffic signals using traffic volume data at different times of the day to keep vehicles moving smoothly along primary and secondary corridors.

"From the public's perspective, our goal is to keep traffic moving as efficiently as possible," Nichols says. "When the signals are timed correctly, we will see reduced travel time and numerous safety benefits."

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