Students Build Communities with LEGOs

1/31/2012 / Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON — Huntington and Cabell County students got a lesson in community Monday
using a basic childhood toy. The first- and second-grade students from the area’s
Talented and Gifted classes worked together to create miniature communities with
LEGOs at the Nick J. Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute. Nearly 40 students
took part in the hands-on activity, constructing places such as a zoo, airport,
post office, community park and bank. The community also included modes of transportation
such as cars, buses and horseback trails. After the entire community was completed,
students worked together to build a railroad circling the community. Prior to building,
teachers work with students to brainstorm and research ideas about what is included
in a community. As part of the institute’s Technology Transfer initiatives, an outreach
program was designed to introduce pre-K through 12th-grade students to science,
technology, engineering, mathematics, safety and communication concepts through
hands-on outreach activities.