Rahall Transportation Institute Awarded $3.5 Million grant

1/12/2012 / State Journal

The Rahall Transportation Institute at Marshall University will receive a $3.5 million
grant from the U. S. Department of Transportation to launch a higher education consortium
focused on research, training and jobs development throughout a multi-state region.
The grant was announced Jan. 12 by Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va. The consortium at Marshall
includes the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville and Hampton University
in Hampton, Va. At the heart of the consortium is the training of a transportation
work force and the education of transportation professionals, Rahall’s announcement
said. The partnership will provide a range of work force and training opportunities,
especially through partnership with a historically black college, and the expertise
of its member institutions. Members of the consortium will play a leading role in
developing the next generation of highly trained transportation professionals. “This
federal funding opens a new chapter in RTI’s growth and its contribution to jobs
and transportation,” said Rahall, the top Democrat on the House of Representatives
Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “The consortium RTI has put together
meets the demands of a tighter national budget and of a multi-state region’s transportation
needs. From its research capabilities landing patents for Marshall and in our state
to meeting the needs of our state transportation department, to job development
efforts like the Prichard intermodal facility, RTI has served southern West Virginia
and our nation well. With our new partners in Kentucky and Virginia, this tri-state
alliance will provide increased dividends.”