Key Personnel

Dr. Wael Zatar

UTC Director
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Dr. Wael Zatar is the Director for Innovations and Asset Management of Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure Systems at RTI. He is also the Dean of the College of Information Technology and Engineering at Marshall University and a Professor of Civil and Structural Engineering, where he directs the Weisberg Engineering Structural and Materials Experimental and Computational Labs. His key contributions include the development of retrofit techniques for existing structures using advanced FRP composites, corrosion deterioration and mitigation, post-earthquake and other hazard mitigation plans, and deployment of high performance materials in transportation infrastructures.

Dr. Zatar is a Member and Communication Coordinator of the TRB AFF80 Committee on Fiber Reinforced Polymers Committee. He serves on the TRB AFN20 Committee on Properties of Concrete. He sits on several national and international Structural Engineering Code and Fiber Reinforced Composite committees. He serves as a reviewer for 15 International Civil Engineering Journals. He has been an invited speaker in 43 universities and technical institutions. He currently serves as the President of the West Virginia Section of the American Society for Civil Engineers. He has provided several short training courses on Fiber Reinforced Composites, Risk Assessment and Mitigation, High Performance Construction Materials and Structural Engineering.

Dr. Diana Long

Director of Workforce Development
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As Director of Workforce Development, Dr. Long enables workers from all over the country to receive the training and development essential to their developing careers. Diana’s passion to develop and serve others has been one key to her successful career. Since her beginnings at RTI in 2005, Diana has assisted more than 1500 professionals through completing more than 60 courses.

She has significant experience in all aspects of workforce development and has designed numerous workplace education courses and seminars, including: online learning modules, skill/knowledge validation; professional development courses; license-required continuing education; technical skill upgrades; “train the trainer” courses; and adult basic education and refresher courses. She is also Principal Investigator for RTI’s workforce development research and technology transfer projects.

Diana has been involved with the classroom setting for many years. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in English/Speech Education from the University of Charleston and a Master’s Degree in Technical and Adult Education from Marshall University. After several years of working for corporations and public education, Diana went on to achieve her doctorate of education from West Virginia University in 1991.

In 2000, Diana was the first higher education professional in West Virginia to obtain certification in Economic and Community Development by the International Economic Development Council. She has served as an adjunct professor in Leadership Studies and Research.